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I agree with lonewolf, it will be a domino effect that will bring the human race to its knees.I’m of the opinion that it is not “if” or “whether” there will be a collapse, or even “when”. I believe the collapse has already started.

Take SA as an example, since 1994 we have had a “Democracy” and all people are supposedly equal, yet we now have more poverty than ever before, the government made promises they couldn’t ever dream of keeping and now the people are coming to take what the government promised but could never deliver.

We have a state owned electricity provider (Eskom), that can’t keep up with the country’s demand, we have actually lost power generating capabilities and now produce less than what we did in the 1990’s, equipment was never maintained and ran far past their abilities and all of this is now coming back to bite us in the behind through load-shedding. For crying out loud, we have load-shedding apps to download on our phones, to plan around the times spent in darkness.

The load shedding has already had a knock-on effect, as a while ago, one of Rand Water’s main plants went down, so no water for a part of Johannesburg, at least it was not to severe. Our water infrastructure is also falling apart and there are regular reports of pump stations having problems due to lack of maintenance.

If there were to be a national blackout, I believe it would be approx. two weeks before a total collapse and anarchy broke out and the only reason for that long is because the majority of businesses and warehouses have already invested in backup generators, including filling stations, so they would be able to run until no more fuel is available.