Here is a litmus test to do anywhere , ask any person on the street weather or not they would feel comfortable going up to a cop , to ask them for directions . I say this because , back in the day , a person wouldnt hesitate to go up to a local cop in a town they didnt know very well to ask directions . The reason they felt comfortable to do that is that they knew that 95% of the time , they were going to be dealing with a PEACE officer . I bet most people in this time would prefer to avoid them whenever possible . Hell , I find myself turning into a strip mall , or any other parking lot just to keep them from being behind me . Just Sayin .

Here is a family story :
when my mother was 14 years old and living in rural AZ , she had to drive one of the cars to the bus stop to get to school on time , they lived that far out . My grandmother was worried about it , so when she was in town , she went up to the sheriff and told him what the deal was . Here is what the difference is
Law Enforcement officer response :” I see her she will be arrested and will be going to jail , and we will have to impound the car “- not to mention , the bulls$it and overused ” resisting arrest ” charge .
Peace officer response : ” well , if I see her I will have to giver her a ticket ………………but I dont think I will see her . ” ( which is what actually happened )
People now see the cops as the enemy …………..why is that ? I think we all know .