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This banning of paper currency issue is getting a lot of press lately. I can’t conceive of how it would ever work. There are many poor people and people with really bad credit that can’t get credit cards or even bank accounts. My n’er do well nephew was living on a totally cash basis for a while after he totally screwed up his finances and could get neither a credit card or bank account. After his Dad died I had to call 6 or 7 banks trying to get someone to agree to open up an account for him to deposit a $340,000 life insurance check into. At the time he was well employed even. Of course within two years he pissed away every cent of that plus an additional $27,000 he inherited from my mother in the same timeframe, but that’s another story. Some people have no choice but to pay their bills in cash. Throw in the fact that not every vendor is in a position to accept credit cards, and a cashless society becomes really problematic.