Hey lone,

You wouldn’t high tail it somewhere else?

We have standing instructions – issued by me – that in the event of a SHTF event, certain family members are to board the next flight to Europe and then make their way to a certain country – provided a flight is available and that safe passage to their final destination is still possible.

Of course, I face blowback from those family members. They want to stay and stand by me. And that is courageous and admirable, but their mission is to survive no matter what, not to make a stand. That means improving their odds.

And when the dominoes fall, the US will probably end up being a bloodbath, only the degree of the bloodbath being uncertain. The destination of those family members will be orders of magnitude safer. Life will very likely be more difficult, even with dual nationality and being bilingual, but it will be safer. (caveat: safer from human predation).

It’s the best solution I can come up with in a very messy situation… England is a heavily populated island. You’ve never given thought to making a Plan B and making a run for it?

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1