Again you lump all cops in together, all departments together, with no knowledge of policy and procedures for every department. You probably don’t know them for your lodal department(s).

Okay Whirl… since you seem to be speaking from a position of experience and are an authority on the matter, tell us what the policies and procedures are for every department.

All 18,000 of them.

Because that’s what you’re accusing me of “not knowing”…

Local police departments make up more than two-thirds of the 18,000 state and local law enforcement agencies in the United States. – Bureau of Justice Statistics.


Is your request answerable? Yes. But it will require weeks, if not months, of research to compile.

Edit: And your accusation of “me lumping all cops together” is a flat-out lie. I specifically went out of my way to quote the article itself, which states that not ALL states have adopted a LEOBoR, with individual states and municipalities being called out.

Does that sound like ALL? No, it doesn’t. In point of fact, you cannot cite one instance in this thread where I say the words “ALL cops” as an indictment of poor behavior. Know why? Because it’s not THERE because I didn’t say it. I went out of my way – on purpose – to not do that.

Yet, you accuse me of it. Try reading what is written, instead of what you want to be written.

Moving on.

As to how I know most cops are good, I still have my old badge, commendation letters and thank yous from citizens. I’ve worn those shoes. Something you can’t say.

Actually, I CAN say…

I was a Military Police Sergeant for 5 years. I went MP on a re-enlistment. I still have my old badge, attaboys, commendations, medals, etc. And I will stack my experience up against yours any day of the week. Patrol, patrol super, desk sergeant, investigations, protective services….

As usual your vemon shows your hatred of cops in general, so be it.
Rant away.

As usual, your support for the thuggery that passes for being a PEACE OFFICER shows your disdain for treating people decently. Every single time something egregious happens, you try to justify the existence (edit: should be “actions”) of all cops.

These are not ‘isolated incidents’. It is everywhere, it is prevalent and the rules are set up as to give a free pass to the cops doing this sort of thing.

And I notice that you do not condemn the above practices – even knowing that they encourage corruption and bad behavior via the lack of accountability for ‘bad’ cops. Instead, you issue an ad hominem attack against me personally instead of arguing your point on its own merit.

I read somewhere an apt description of the situation.

I know that 100% of Coral Snakes can bite and kill me if I pick them up.
I also know that not 100% of Coral Snakes will bite me and kill me if I pick them up.
But I’m not going to go around picking up Coral Snakes looking for the few who won’t.

You say that most cops are “good” cops. But you have nothing to base that assumption on except the PR campaign that “cops are the good guys”.

Whereas, given the sheer number of lawsuits – and how widespread they are – the data illustrates that the opposite appears to be the case.

Your move.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1