As far as me scratching up any sympathy for a bunch of Banksters who decided to take a dirt nap? Nope. The Banksters have raided and pilfered the West, America especially, for years. Between them, the Fed and the criminals in Mordor, they’ve all colluded to syphon as much wealth out of us as possible. So, if a couple 12 of them decide to high dive into concrete, well, then that’s okay… just saves folks the trouble of hunting them down later.

Conspiracy theories? Well, I subscribe to the DLR theory. If something “Don’t Look Right”, then it ain’t. Also known as “the smell test”. You all think some of these Banksters were “Vince Fostered” to keep their mouths shut? When we’re talking about criminal collusion between the TBTF Banks, Mordor and the Fed, I wouldn’t put anything past them… I mean, come ON! You just had Red Shield Ben admitting a couple days ago that they funneled multiples of billions of dollars into Wall Street on purpose, then smoke-screened the rest of us, calling it “Quantitative Easing”. He can afford to be honest now that he’s not affiliated with the Fed anymore…

I’m with Selco on this one… the MSM tosses you a bone, parroting the police: “Nothing to see here. Move along”… meanwhile the important information is being held back. Nobody in the MSM does any investigative journalism anymore. They’re all bought and paid for shills for one side or the other, so why bite the hand that feeds you?

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1