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If you want to see multicultural problems as you said look up to canada… it does not stop there, they re create problems they had at “home” by gaming system . An example as in elderly parents coming and getting pension from government healthcare free/reduced prescriptions. expensive surgeries some places street signs are in hindi, then english…

this causes problems in cost for labeling as well as a permanent underclass as people cant leave the insular society because they only speak —— insert the blank. you can become a citizen and not speak english or french.

you can live there and only speak mandarin. you can get a driver license test in multi languages. effectively making you unable to read a map or directions in the official languages. You get “citizens” who live in over seas places only use canada to pull them out when crap hits the fan but pay no taxes to canada.

Immigration is a must for Canada to grow but it needs an overhaul to more melting pot than multi cultural. Immigration will never fix poor countries problem, only make it worse as we take their best. Mandatory competency in Language skills should be part of citizenship dont you think , or is it too much to ask someone to learn to communicate with the new world they are in?