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And Hillary is now on record as saying she wants full citizenship for the illegals.

Concerning Arizona, I’ve been there a couple times and absolutely love the desert beauty but between the arid conditions and the whole La Raza and Aztlan thing, the future looks pretty stark. Political correctness run amok and plain old demographics is going to cause a transformation of the Southwest into something many of us will not recognize as the US, and that is not going to serve the best interests of those immigrant communities. Just as kids growing up in Quebec increasingly have fewer prospects in the rest of Canada due to their inability to speak English, I see portions of the Southwest headed in the same direction. All that’s missing are the do-gooders institutionalizing it which will effectively make those immigrant communities perpetual 2nd class citizens and unable to function in much of the country. I wouldn’t want my kids going to school in AZ either out of fear they’d decide to stay there after graduation, and themselves become 2nd class citizens if they didn’t learn Spanish.

I’m just an old unapologetic old fashioned assimilation rather than multiculturalism kind of guy. Everyone that chooses to live in America fully becomes Americans.