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I have to agree with Whirlibird on these lawsuits. This happens with lawsuits on doctors too! Many doctors get a lawsuit only to find out that there insurance settled the lawsuit and the doctor never had a chance to go to court to show that he or she did not do something wrong. Then the doctor has this on there record. The insurance companies settle every lawsuit they can 10 cents on the dollar, they never go to court.

When it comes to the police or even any city, state government agency it is all insured and the insurance companies settle almost all lawsuits. It is good for the insurance companies but not for the police officers since by the insurance companies settling almost all lawsuits we the people will never know who is good and who is bad. Money rules these private insurance companies. The way this should be done is all cases should go to court period.

This way we can find the good police officers from the bad police officers. In every profession there are good and bad people. The only differences is that a police officer is given lots of powers which is why we need to add more tools like body video cameras, cameras in the cars, vans, and police buildings. This will get the bad police officers to leave this job.