By defending the tyrants that continually and daily trample on the Constitutional rights of the population ?
Thats not the America I want built up . I want the return of the America that went to war only out of dire need , I want the America that valued individual liberty over the collective ” good ” . AmeriKa is at a crossroads , not to recognize , and call out the wrongs of those in power is giving up on the direction the forefathers envisioned , and the future direction we are to travel in . The new police state and world policeman attitude is clearly destroying what once was , but you defend that mentality none the less , I dont call it building up , I would call it helping destroy a once great nation of honor , and replacing it with tyranny . Personally , the only way I can see the country going back to what was indeed great , is for events like at the Bundy ranch in Nevada to start taking place on a regular basis , where the American people go en mass , HEAVILY ARMED to precincts , government offices , state capitals , and federal installations , to say ” NO MORE ! “