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Staying on topic…

Whirli you are right about the way to go about this. I am currently working on my girlfriend’s father. It is critical to me that I get him in the right mindset. He has the ear of his whole family, and he has financial resources.

I have so far slipped in the following, over the course of half a year:

– I keep $1,000 at home, “just in case my identity gets swiped and I need money while it gets sorted out.”
– I never let my gas tank go below half, “just in case I need to take a loved one to the Emergency Room.”
– I don’t think it’s a good idea to invest in things that are digital or collectibles, “in the event of a downturn, they won’t have as much value.”

Technically that last one wasn’t really disguised, but it was sugar coated enough that he didn’t seem to think it “weird.” The best part is that my cover stories aren’t just cover stories.