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model 60

I like the little snubs. The Model 60 would be a great little pistol to carry. Actually been looking at the old Charter Bulldog in .44 spl for years. That just seems like a great carry pistol to me.

As for woods gun: I take really good care of my gear, so purdy stuff stays very purdy. Most of my woods gear is custom made or really customized. Since I take such good care of my equipment (except cooking pots… don’t know how I destroy them so badly) some grips like that won’t even get buggered up. As an example: Here are some pictures of my bushcrafting chopper I carry. It is brass hardwared (with mosaic pins) and ironwood scales on a hand forged, full tang blade. It is a thing of beauty. The sheath for it was also custom made and ran me over $150.


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