You ever try to force a kid to take bad tasting medicine?
Much like that medicine, one just doesn’t force it down their throat.
A little trickery, a little sugar coating, mixing it in with other things.

Don’t try to convince them of doom and gloom.
Talk about job loss, setbacks from home appliances going kaput, go slow, you don’t teach someone to swim by tossing them in a riptide.

Hard to say.
Recession, depression, there are as many opinions and definitions as there are people. What is a catastrophic event to some is just a Monday morning to some.

Mystics and sages have long prophycized cataclysmic events with nothing to show for it but scorn and derision because they’re often wrong. Remember Y2K? The Mayans?

Plan and prep for what can happen, and you’re pretty well set for what might happen. I might lose my job, the highway can close for a couple weeks because of the weather, and the Yellowstone super volcano might blow its top. In all reality, which should I prep for?

Little steps, go easy on them, let them have that lightbulb moment on their own, it will have a better effect.