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I think Europe may go first and take us down in about a week or just days after. The Euro is not held up by anything the dollar is by oil which will end too but the Euro will go first so keep your eyes open for what happens there.

This has only one way to go with the debt at more then $18 Trillion and the derivative debt that no one knows that number but some say it is $400 Trillion and some say it is $750 Trillion so whatever it is this will be a total collapse.

I live in the city which I can’t leave right now because of the kids and job. The only thing good is that Miami is a little different than cities up north. Outside of the downtown Miami it is all houses, not many condos around here. The condos are about 3 to 10 miles away and downtown Miami is about 15 to 20 miles. Still bad but I am not in the middle of a condo city.

A total collapse will be a war here even at my location so I hope we will make it.