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Ghost, most people can’t see the future being particularly different than the past. Normalcy bias. Those of us do see a different future world struggle to live in and enjoy life as it is today while trying to ready ourselves for a different tomorrow. This is why I moved where I did despite friends and family thinking I was crazy. It is why I have given over a lot of my time learning new things when honestly there were other things I’d of enjoyed more. Am I ready to be self-sufficient? No, but I am much more ready than I used to be and much more ready than most people. In-between time I do take time to enjoy life and pursue my non-prepping interests.

Will the economy collapse? It certainly is on an unsustainable path but I can’t say what path it will take. High inflation? Major depression? Total collapse and break down of civil order? All of the above in sequence or do we just jump straight to the total collapse? When we go, the rest of the world will go with us. It is all too interconnected. All the more reason to think about where you live, because moving may not be so easy to do when it happens.