“The Young Guns vs Us Old Farts” – We were about 4 months into “United Shield” and could see the light at the end of the tunnel. One day rumor starts about another possible operation in a country on the West Coast of Africa.
Every where I looked the “Young Guns” were smiling and punching each other and grinning. The “Old Farts” were just shaking our heads and saying: Here we go again!
“United Shield” was really an “Policing Operation.” Yes SHTF but the operation everyone was talking about would be nothing but sure combat.
Folks say to just don’t go into trouble areas. Some times we have no choice. Once there we do have options. You do not want to stand up when folks are shooting at you. As Selco told the story about the man that came back to fight: Was your head really with you all day? Did you learn anything about doing stupid things?

What I have learned is this: Alone there is no chance. Things/folks will catch up with you or you will do something so stupid it gets you killed. Man is not better by himself. We are pack animals.

Go back and start Selco’s course again. Then join the “Survival Boot Camp.” Many statements that Selco makes will save your butt.
Learn when to bug-out and when to hide. Learn what things to take with you and what to leave. Learn what to do and what to not even attempt.
As George Carlin says: “Stuff is Stuff.” Do you really need all that stuff if you are dead?
Home is home but if staying means dying what is the use?