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Yes, Mr. Gray was clearly in a lot of pain before he ever got to the police van. There are no winners here. Certainly not Mr. Gray or his family and not the officers involved either. Sadly there are others in positions of power who are trying to use this tragedy for their own gain. There is no surprise that charges were filed. I’d of been surprised if they weren’t, but this young inexperienced State’s Attorney was perhaps a bit too quick reaching her conclusions. Not doing a careful review may well come back to bite her. I have no doubt but that TPTB put a lot of pressure on her to act as she did.

The one reprehensible person in all of this is the Mayor who is now avoiding letting reporters ask her the tough questions about her “space to destroy” and “only property” comments and her order for the police to stand down. I listened to a brief news conference yesterday that abruptly ended with the first question she didn’t want to answer. In her opening remarks it was as if she would have us believe that the looted store owners at that mall are going to move forward as if nothing ever happened.