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Malgus, perhaps you can take as a good sign the fact that the Revolutionary War marchers were prominently the first military group in the parade. The symbolism wasn’t lost on me.

I agree with 74. Those who wish to tear down the country do not like displays of patriotism. They want loyalty to their political agendas rather than to the ideals upon which the country was founded. They want to make the past irrelevant except for when it can be distorted to fit their agenda. The parade gave me a good feeling that small town America still believes in what we stand for.

As an aside there was a big 4X4 truck competition in the mud at the fairgrounds yesterday too. When I drove past it a lot of the trucks had either the American flag or the Gadsden flag flying from the back of their trucks. I took that as a good sign too.

Lot of luck trying to see anything like this in Baltimore.