There is a lot wrong about the charges against the officers.
The speed of the charges being brought leaves a lot of room for mistakes.
The stacking of charges shows an unscrupulous DA eager to make her mark on the back of a “major case”.
The speed of the investigation and autopsy leave a number of questions, such as what did they miss in their haste.

The DAs office charging quickly to avoid the rioting and damage, to save face will likely come back to bite them in the hind end when they can’t prove the charges and the subsequent issues.

It all falls to prooving the charges, and whie the “rough ride” is the easiest, the intent behind the action is what they have to prove.

Murder? Hardly. Not going to fly.
Involuntary? Most likely. Because the negligent action of the rough ride could habe caused injury.

The original officers who arrested over the knife, they have to prove that the officers knew the knife was legal/illegal. If they were trained that a particular style of knife was illegal despite the law saying different, its an affirmative defense and fals back on inadequate training.

And its hardly a race issue, half of the officers are black.

This will be an interesting year, with so many officers getting attacked and/or shot, the lawsuits and charges brought in so many cases, many officers are going to coast.

They will look at how long they have until retirement and slow down responses, they wil not take the risks they might have previously, the attitude wil be, let them burn their houses and neighborhoods down, why risk it.