Funny the sanctions against the AK collective seemed to have quite a bit of influence.

Russia beat the French and Germans by letting them invade, dumb.
Me , I’m gonna sit here and laugh as Russia destroys itself.

Cut Russia off economically, let them swill their vodka, slurp their borscht and dig their spuds while no one buys their junk and they’ll soon figure it out, just like the chinese would if the box stores stopped buying their junk.

For all his bluster, Putin reminds me of the little guy behind the curtain in Emerald City.

Too many people give the russians some sort of mythical abilities and properties, they ain’t all that. The great russian bear? Prancing around on a colorful ball wearing a tutu while calliope music plays, that’s about it.

To quote a friend of mine “the russians are nothing but punks”.