First time I read this response.
Your comments on “taking down” Russia demonstrate an ignorance of history.
Russia has one attribute that has defeated enemies continually. Enemies like Hannibal, Napoleon and Hitler that were decimated in the process and still Russia is around.
Russia’s strongest attribute is to lure an enemy in and then outlast the enemy with “DEPRIVATION”.
Russia will just outlast you with weather, scorched earth, sheer will to survive or 12 time zone size, regardless of its political personality, government style or perceived weaknesses.
You grossly underestimate Mother Russia’s history, the people and what they are capable of.

You are correct . Sanctions are a joke , they will inconvenience them at best , or piss them off enough to re arm more heavily at worst . The Bear is as tough as it needs to be . people say they are not afraid of them anymore , thats a lie , plenty of nations fear them , including the US and NATO nations , especially the ones that have a border with them . People still are hesitant to mess with them also . You must excuse the successfully propagandized and conditioned members of the forum , as we all know our government has never lied to us . As far as economies go , lets look at the United States , we now have a national debt that we will never be able to pay off at this point , our economy is now in the hands of other nations good graces . AS far are conflict goes , people all over the world have figured out the formula to defeat the US …………..it started in Vietnam , its costly , but simple ………all you have to do to defeat the US is to outlast them , then they will be forced to leave , either because of financial burden , or pressure from the people to leave . works every time . Speaking of Afghanistan , the US has been there longer than the Soviets were , and have accomplished no more than they did . We have a pretty big loosing streak also . Just Sayin .
But hey , everybody in uniform is an expendable piece of meat …………..at least thats how our leaders have seen them after WW2 .Game of risk anyone ? Party at my mansion after the game .