This is why we need video cameras in all police vans, cars and on all police officers. This will end the problem.

It will not end the problem if they are in control of it . If the feeds went away from them and into a civil monitoring system , then perhaps there is a chance it could work . Another thing that needs to end is that ” resisting arrest ” has way too broad a meaning . It needs to be severely narrowed down in definition , as it stand now , ANY violent or non violent disobedience falls under it , and they use that to justify some unjustifiable actions . Some countries dont even have that , they just figure that no person is going to WANT to be arrested and is going to try to get out of it .
Said it before and will say it again .
What country has the biggest incarceration rate in the world ? The United States.
Folks ………that says it all , the reason why there are no more peace officers left , is because incarceration is now a BUSINESS in the United States . You dont change that , it will only get worse . Take the money out of the whole system , take the business out of it , and return it to necessity only , like it once was ………..then your peace officers will return . Your neighborhood cops , that know everybody will return . Your cops will be more closely tied to the community , instead of an us vs. them mentality .