Cops guilty. Unreported stop. Concealing evidence is a …. Criminal offense.

unreported stop, for what becomes the question.
Did the driver have to pee?
Did he stop at another scene to say he was full?

Its not always concealing, often its just reports not getting done immediately.
Different divisions, different report logs., different time frames.

Unlike small town cops, where you catch em, you clean em.
The cities like this often have transport vans so the officers can remain on the street as long as possible. They are able to either do the report in the car or back at the station, while the prisoner is assigned a booking number and preliminary charges and transported to the holding facility.
The transport officer has limted information, and as such their reports are generally more like logs.
Suspect X picked up at Y, at Z hours, beginning mileage and ending mileage.
And unless something happens, that’s often as detailed as it gets.
Notes such as got stuck in traffic on the bay bridge are made. Pee stops may or may not get mentioned.
Because its a log it may not get filed for days, being left in the car or the transport officers files.
And that’s because all of this is radio logged.

Again, innocent until proven guilty.
Wait for the evidence to come out.

Look what’s already hit several conservative sites, a potentially false report about a prior back injury from a car crash. We don’t know yet either way.

Wait for the facts then make an informed decision.
Or like Al Sharpton, just open your mouth and spew and prove what people already suspect.