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Thank you Robin and Gypsy.
While I don’t figure, due to my location, I will have to worry about masses of people, I want to do what I can to alleviate any curiosity of the infrequent passerby(s). I already have an outbuilding I am working on at the rear of the property. Because of the terrain/topography I have a problem view, that due to the elevation, would take ancient trees
to cover and they’d have to be darn huge pine trees! Shrubs and vines won’t cut it. If nothing else the livestock would probably eat it! Ha.

Here is a cropped picture of part of my problem if you can see it in your mind: If you were standing on the road at the bottom left corner you would be about 150′ above the property, be able to easily see over the trees and see the lower outbuilding, roughly that area of the pond and that section of the barn in the lower right. You would NOT see the other outbuilding closest to the pond because of the terrain. This is my puzzle.

Perhaps there is not much to do. Help/suggestions always appreciated.

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