Gypsy Wanderer Husky
Gypsy Wanderer Husky

- Figure out the cheapest most effective way to better camouflage my property/outbuildings and pond from travelers on a road. (I don’t feel I can go now drapping camo nets over everything without drawing some attention!) –

Ok lets see Might be of a bit of help here in this area. Depending on the size of your pond and how close to the road it is. Planting low to med high bushes and trees could help cover.

When building your outbuilding, I had help with from my contractor father. Use new materials on the inside frame and insides. Use old timber and materials on the out side. You can even go as far haveing straight walls inside but they look as if they are crumbling from the out side.

If your location allows. Let grounds closer to the road over grow, making it look more like there isnt anything of interest here. or build a messy herb garden. By messy I mean plant it in a jumble that you understand whats where. but for anyone else it just looks like a grown over yard.

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