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Anika and Jypsy, this is a big question you ask. Someone could have a book written on the topic. However, I think that things get overcomplicated and I have tried to distill information down to key ideas and concepts that you can come up with reasonable ways to apply to “your” personal situation.

I am pressed for time these days and will have to break this down into parts. This is part 1. Please stay tuned for coming parts.

Part 1:
Essential Fitness Areas
For the type of event we discuss here (civil war, collapse, natural disaster, etc.) I will distill fitness down into 3 essential ability areas you need to possess:
1. The ability to walk for long distances while carrying moderate weight.
2. The ability to lift and move heavy items.
3. Flexibility and mobility.
Now, this does not mean that these 3 areas are the only useful fitness areas. If fitness is your hobby and you want to get into something much more complicated and refined – no problem. What I am saying is these 3 skills are essential. They are universal for all ages from the child to the elderly. What these mean to you as an individual will vary based on current abilities, physical limitations, etc. We will discuss adapting your “personal” training program towards accomplishing these 3 objectives in future posts.
However, start here first and no matter what type of program you eventually do – you NEED to work on being able to do these 3 things.