Due to age and physical concerns, our plan is to bug in only. It is unlikely we will be able to go anywhere or get very far under any true SHTF situation. But with that in mind, we are fairly well equipped to last a good while in this location. Still working on trying to put together a MAG, but having trouble connecting with others of like mind.

We have a solid 6 month supply of food at this point, and the ability to grow more in our garden. There is also the ability to pressure can and dehydrate food. The garden is doing well and there is some local hunting available for mostly small game and fishing. We have a good selection of medical supplies, tools, water filtration, and firearms. I also reload to add to our supply of ammunition. There is a good selection of outdoor clothing and several alternate ways to provide heat and to cook food.

Our greatest weakness is water collection and storage. Also, even though we can defend ourselves from a small localized conflict of maybe one or two people, because of my physical problems any firefights are out of the question. A large group of well-armed, and committed attackers will make short work of us. So, we may not last long, but we gave it our best shot. :)