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“like minded individuals” That saying in untrue, there are no one that is like minded. Everyone is different and are always thinking in different directions.

The collapse in Argentina is something to learn by but this is only one country collapse. I do not see that in the future. We are seeing it right now Russia’s Ruble going down 50%, Greece in a collapse, the euro now is equal to the dollar, Euro is printing 60 billion a month to keep it from falling into a collapse, the U. S. printed for over a year and a half $80 billion a month, The U. S. debt is more then $18 Trillion so what happens when the interest goes up? Taxes will have to go up too to pay for it. Which is the next country to collapse(Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal).

Will Europe Euro collapse? If Europe’s Euro collapses will it take the U. S. with it to a collapse and then Russia and China?

I see a world economical collapse happening. The thing is how long will it take before it collapses? The printing of Dollars and Euros will keep things from collapsing till a point which is the question we do not know.

The world governments know about when it will not be able to control the economy. Will they start a war to keep everyone’s eyes away from the economy when it is close to a collapse? I see a world collapse so if this happens in the future we do not have anything to compare it to.

There are many questions that we the little guys can’t answer so we prepare as best as we can. One thing is for sure the debts keep on going up world wide.