I read on FB today an article about an interiview with a Chief law enforcement official that said there will be no attempt at door-to-door confiscation. I think they know they are overwhelmed to begin with and don’t stand a chance if there is mass civil disobedience regarding unconstitutional firearms laws.

I wouldn’t trust a “Chief law enforcement official” as far as I could throw him. He is an Agent of the State. Their job is not to tell the truth, but to instill confidence.

Expect misdirection. Especially from some “Chief”. Cops have spent their lives learning how to lie – how to lie to suspects to elicit the truth, how to lie on the stand, how to lie in front of cameras, how to lie to Internal Affairs. Lying to a bunch of “mundanes”? Pretty much child’s play. (By the way, “mundanes” is how the rank and file cops refer to citizens. If you don’t believe me, check out some of the “cop” websites out there.) Their arrogance is unbelievable… they’re high on the smell of their own ****, and will have no problem kicking in doors to roust you, clap you in hand irons and drag you off… that is, IF you survive the SWAT team’s entry and they don’t just gun you down.

The ONLY reason some “Chief” went in front of the cameras is to lie and say that there would be no attempt at door-to-door confiscations… what he didn’t say was that there would be no attempt YET at confiscations… folks are righteously pissed off and worse – they’re armed. He has to say something – anything – to get them to calm down. Otherwise, blood will be spilled.

I fully expect the Connecticut legislature to not back down. They’ll “go behind closed doors” or have hearings or whatever, in order to gain time and calm folks down, but don’t be fooled – they have no intention of backing down. They’ve been so used to folks kowtowing to them for years, they think folks will roll over for them this time as well… They’ve been shown to be the tyrants they are and I’ll bet dollars to donuts they’ll dispatch their armed goons in REALLY BIG ARMORED TRUCKS to make an example of a few folks… but they’ve miscalculated. There’s a difference to this situation that has been missing in the past… and the legislators have missed seeing it. Folks have been pushed and pushed and now, finally, they’re going to push back. The only way they can. The only way they have left.

After that? Man… I really don’t want to contemplate what will go down… all the legislators’ names, addresses, phone numbers are all online… the cops are known too… they all have family. So do all the National Guard troops. It could get very, very ugly…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1