I appreciate your guidance. I have a unique situation where I have used mostly muzzleloaders for years and am used to sighting in at 75 yards, which with a patched round ball in black powder velocities is pretty much comparable to 100 yards on the target.

I now have been training with the AR15 and it is a whole different critter altogether. I recently went to the range to sight one in. I was using the typical orange and round target provided by the range. I was advised by the range officers to place the target at 25 yards and aim (and set sights to) the bottom of the 2nd. set of rings, that this would be dead center at 100 yards. I did not have time to check the actual 100 yard accuracy before the last line was called due to it being closing time. The range officers said this is the way that all ar15(s) should be started, at 25 yards. Although I followed their lead I fail to make total sense of it.

Personally I agree with you. I think I need to get a good spotting scope and just move the target out to 100 yards to really set my sights.

I need to ask if I sight optics in the same way as the plain iron sights?

Thank You !!! :-)

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