In this – your post – we are in agreement. For a change. Shocker, I know.

Yes, the scumbags and orcs are sending some members into the US military with the lone intention of acquiring skills, then having them come back and instruct the rest. I’m not going to discount any orc or scumbag that crosses my path, simply because with my luck, I’ll square off against the one guy who enlisted as Infantry and spent a year in Fallujah.

That being said, I have to offer this caveat – when I was in the military – and Infantryland in particular – the closer one came to squaring off with genuine Bad Guys, the whiter the troops became. I know what that sounds like, but it’s true. The Army in particular has spent about a zillion dollars and many studies trying to figure out why they cannot get anyone other than white boys to sign up for Infantry MOS’s, and also how to tempt non-whites into those MOS’s as well. The farther away you get from Bad Guys – admin jobs, etc – the more diversities you find.

Which means – if you consider the odds – that if you run into one of those prior service goons or orcs, he probably had basic rifle instruction and such back in Boot, but relatively nothing since then. Just doing his gas-pumper, truck driver, burger flipper MOS and a once a year qual on the M16. But, he probably passed his BRM skills onto others… which is bad.

Now, I might be operating on dated information, but discussions with other vets I know – some of them recent returns from the catbox – bear this out generally. Once you get into the higher echelons – Airborne, SF, Ranger, Pathfinder, etc, those units are composed of almost all white boys, with a few token diversities here and there.

Taken as a whole, you put up a good post. It was not my intent to sound so derisive and dismissive about potential opponents – they should all be taken seriously until proven otherwise. Like Selco said – no matter how bada$$ you are, you can always get whacked by some old grandpa with his creaky old WWII boltgun and 70 year old ammo…

The Zeta’s bother me. US trained. Good thing there’s not a whole lot of them. They use the MS13 goons – and others – as foot soldiers. But in the end, they are men. Men bleed and men die. They are not invincible.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1