Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Knowing how bad St. John’s has become over the last couple of years, I don’t envy them one bit.

If I were to do this, what I’d want to do is cover as much ground as possible at first in the shortest amount of time to get out of the city. St. John’s isn’t south central LA by any means, but over the last few years it’s become pretty sketchy, so I’d want to get out of that as quickly as possible. For your brother, that may be a problem due to his hip.

Best bet, in my opinion, is to travel fast an light, and to be in the grey man mode, as to not draw attention to yourself. Depending on the situation, however, stealth might be key. If that were the case, travelling at night, being rather slow and deliberate with your movements would be best. Noise/light discipline would be a must, especially early on in the city and the outskirts. Lay low during the day, keep watch of potential threats, y’know, the basic tacticool stuff lol.

No fires, no white lights, no loud talking, commo gear, if available, would have ear bud or the like, as to not make a sound when you’re receiving. It would suck, a lot, and take much longer, but it’s often better to be safe than sorry.

If it was me, however, with no other tag-a-longs, I’d be scootin’ out of there as fast as humanly possible. But I’d much rather take a truck lol

(also, I have a very limited background in tactics/movements like this, but I have knowledgeable friends who have given me a few tips. Plus I read a lot)

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