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The city will lose this battle. I see too many stories out there of corrupt town govts. like Lake Worth. Should you folks get the opportunity to hit the restart button I suggest you consider putting Town Meeting form of govt into place for all communities up to a certain size. This form of govt. has served New England’s small towns well since the 1600’s. There are several forms of Town Meeting these days, some more pure than others, but in a nutshell, the people approve all budgets, zoning, by-laws, and so forth. The Selectboard cannot do anything that they have not been empowered to do by Town Meeting. All registered voters have an equal voice and an equal vote at Town Meeting. Something like what Lake Worth is doing could be stopped in its tracks at Town Meeting. It puzzles me to no end as to why most of the country just elects Mayors and City Councils and empowers those folks to just go do whatever they want. The end result always seems to be govt serving the purposes of govt. and taking on a life of its own. How many articles have been written about towns with those red light cameras to which the public protests against them just fall on deaf ears? Town Meeting could just tell them no, and the red light cameras would be gone.