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My life experience is not typical of most Americans perhaps in that it is limited to small town New England. The places I have lived have been on the low end of the crime rate spectrum and have had virtually no diversity. Those factors may well affect the mindset of LEO’s but I have never felt that the local police or State Police in my area were corrupt or that they behaved as if the general public were the enemy. None of my friends have ever expressed any opinions to the contrary either. People seem to respect the police and the police in turn seem to treat the general public with respect. I have seen numerous stories and videos of corrupt police and police depts and so I know there are plenty of bad apples out there, but I also think that most LEO’s are trying to do it right. The problem traditionally has been the manner in which the good police and the unions look the other way, in effect protecting the bad ones. That has always been the case but now we also have the Federal govt. pushing to militarize the police, and for reasons I don’t understand the police just go along with it even when they know the public doesn’t like it.