I have followed the events of South Africa quite closely since the mid-1980’s. It was my dream to hunt in Africa. That dream is gone. Deklerk signed the death warrant of thousands.

The Boer farmers have been hunted without pity or mercy. I’m not going into what I have read about the farm murders, except to say that if they come for you it is better to die on your feet, perhaps taking a few of them with you, than to be drowned facedown in a pot of boiling water on your own stove (yes, that actually happened to a young boy who dared defend his family).

I would move away, if possible. And no matter what the government says, follow your own heart and head and common sense. They persuade you to turn in your firearms, then tell you that you are not allowed to have ‘too much’ ammunition… There IS no such thing as ‘too much’ ammunition. I would buy what I wanted and hide it. Under the floor or behind a false wall or even buried in the back yard… Your right to defend yourself and your loved ones outweighs the ANC’s authority to tell you what to do. Their “laws” clearly do not apply to blacks, which means there is no law… only a fight for survival.

Good luck and God protect you and yours…


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1