<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>74 wrote:</div>Ok so burglary is a problem as well as home invasions. What ideas do you have for preventing and limiting the consequences of a home invasion?

Burglar bars on the windows, locked gates on the doors, alarm system (and use it), don’t advertise what you have such as that lost Picasso. Blend in with the neighbors. That $6000 Rolex doesn’t tell time any better than a $30 Casio or Timex, but it does attract attention. Lock the doors. House/landscape designed to limit access/egress, funnel the bad guys where they can’t do as much damage.

Limiting consequences/effect:
Safe room (s) with solid core doors and heavy duty frames (that lock!) with charged cell phones inside. Anybody tries to get, into the bolt hole and dial 911.

Have a gun, practice with said gun, wear said gun, be prepared to use said gun.

Stay out of condition white. Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you let your guard down.

Lock your doors.

Shatter resistant film on the windows, great for storms and bricks.
If nothing else, it serves as a warning that something bad is happening.

One friend, an electrical engineer made a simple light circuit.
Anyone entering any door or window would light up a led on the outside of the house. Even him. But he knew to turn it off and reset the system for next time.
He came home to find the light on, seems a couple local kids decided they wanted some of his beer. He just backed out of the driveway and waited for the Sheriff’s deputies to arrive. He handed them the keys and waited for them to drag the kids out.

There’s a start. Mostly uncommon sense items.