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Hello everyone,
Appreciate the warm welcome. @mountainbiker-Green Acres and Oliver in his suit. I thought it a start contrast to what he was really about and your wife and Lisa would have got along well in the city. :) yet I’m sure she is most happy to be away from the none sense with you

@chester-I’ve been going through Selco’s course and Jay’s as well. Dynamite and will need to keep absorbing. More information than I’d get most places. Most of course haven’t been through hell yet either.

@whirlibird-let me know if think of any of those instructors. as far as greenhouse/gardening I gave up doing so outside. I prefer to have a little less garbage from the air and water in my food. :) Heck I raise worms so shall I drown one for fun lol

Thanks Selco, Charlie Tango, freedom and all of you for making a person feel welcome.

I look forward to being here as much as I can. Thansk to whay I’m learning from Jay’s bonus course I have my desktop on vpn. Still working out vpn stuff on my laptop grrr I never wanted to be a computer geek but I think it’s almost a requirement. At least while I still have internet.
If there is a will there is a way and I will overcome obstacles while I still have some spare time.