Okay, its been a while and the knife has endured some serious abuse.

After putting it through some fairly menial paces, making tinder, opening boxes, basically getting used to the size and shape, I ended up carrying it daily for 6 months.

And I broke a few rules with it, normally I would go and get an appropriate tool when confronted with various jobs, in these instances I just used the knife like so many others would do.

The coating, better than i initially thought. It slides through deer and elk skin and meat very well. It doesn’t however hold up well to being used to scrape caulk from between metal window frames. Imagine that.

I did say abuse right?

The edge, surprisingly good out of the box, a little work across some crock sticks and it became scary sharp. And better yet, stayed sharp through several deer and elk, only needing the fat removed from the edge to restore the cutting ability.

Okay, I’ll say it, I like it.
Any changes? Tough call.
As it is, it makes a great neck knife, not overly bulky or heavy.
As a backup knife tucked into the beltline, again it wears well in a different sheath.

I would like to see a slightly different model, say with an extra inch of blade length and slightly thinner in cross section, for easier deboning of critters and fishing use.

All around a good knife, better than expected by far.
I have no issues giving this a strong recommendation for anyones jump bag, e-kit or for daily use.

It does not replace a good belt knife, but augments the capabilities of such highly.

Pictures to follow.