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Whirlibird… where do you live again?
oh yeah, west of the Miss.
Do a ride slong. That would be awesome but …. completely impossible.
State claims them first. This is Cuomo Land. All kinds of agencies operating. You are right about the resistence to the state. Otherwise 20,000 people would have been in a camp almost immediately. They don’t have enough cops to arrest all the new Gun felons.
Some plan would have to be implemented for martial law. And there’s a plan for everything here. A plan for me and thee. No one gets ignorned or forgotten. The state keeps endless records. If I get stopped for a broken tail light my registration will be checked out to the last didgit while I sit there for 45 minutes. One trip to the gun store for a gun, a call to the state for a social history. Spotless of course.
Yes they will sit back, but…. how far is the question. In ML your contract is void if higher authority so chooses. Executive orders etc. The scariest thing on the planet in a national emergency. I thought everybody realized what zero is doing. Dangerous stuff.
I’m not a cop but one year there was a fight over who would head a local parade. The state police or the local cops. It went to court. Yup, it went to court. lol