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Good discussion. Oh my….heels.I can’t imagine wearing them. Even 10 years ago I’d have a back ache for a week to wear a heel. I’ll take flat sole shoes/boots to meet the season at hand.

I use a vpn on one computer but my laptop still isn’t working to let me use it. sigh
If there is a will there is a way. I consider my laptop actually safer as far as what someone can pick up sitting a block away but not that safe without vpn.

I offer products,newsletter and information to those for backwoods living and survival.(actual there is a sub group of those serious not general goofballs) I watch and listen. Most I wouldn’t take camping in town at this point. Around me there aren’t too many I’d want to be in a survival situation besides my daughter, son–in-law and grandkids. My 10 year old grandson could shoot the arse off of someone at a good distance already if he had to. As long as my son-in-law leaves his relatives behind. Sadly, they could choose unsafe family over being safe. Everyone has choices but some just want to be dumbed down sadly
As time goes on I realize time is short to be ready and prepared. I don’t live in fear or stupidity. They will paralyze me. Yet our administration in US is not simply ‘up to something’ it’s happening behind the backs of those who don’t want to know and continually happening.

So bottom line at this point, I wait and prepare but connecting is “if’ at this point.