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Cops are all unionized. They don’t have to think. But if they did, they ought to think about mass firings and layoffs. They would be all federalized into martial law storm troopers when shtf …. Issued mp5s and body armor. Like Gotham.

It became to expensive here to employ a lot of cops to run metal detectors and guard public buildings (stupid state mandates) so they shifted them to the state payroll. All it does is make them very overpaid security.

Occasionally they have a drill to form up into a posse. One armored vehicle, one posse, one swat team, All the different depts.

Who eventually pays for this little army. No One. Long term benefits are going down the drain. But they don’t know it. Only the accountant shadows know how fudged the books are to keep the charade going.

Promises promises and the shtf…. all broken. No more miss american pie..

Most cops are bright enough not to bite the hand that feeds them. Do gun confiscation bullet checks in guns…. its going to get ugly.