<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>74 wrote:</div>O will ignore the order. No one will go to the WH and arrest him. I suspect things will start to unravel in many other ways they cannot control. See my post about Arizona.

Of course they won’t go there, that would be inappropriate.

He would be called to another location to answer the warrant with his legal council.

This isn’t some DUI suspect, its the most recognizable face in the US. Its not like he can hide anywhere. He will be summoned to appear.

Contrary to popular belief, DHS still has rules to follow, even if they thought them up themselves.

Here’s the problem.
We may suspect that he’s in cahoots with “X”.
But one has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he intended to commit these crimes as opposed to the best interests of the US.

And now a billion dollar trial starts. Try and find an impartial jury.
And so he resigns, then we get “boom boom” Biden.
There is no winning this fight.