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I also had to find a way to get through college on my own, had my parents only pay for 1/2 of 1 semester of community college for me (they redirected my college fund for their own use that I had contributed 100% of the funds for so at least I got that much out of the several thousand I had saved), earned 1 AS, 1 BS and 2 MS degrees, have never been on a welfare program, bought my home with only what I earned myself, and raised 2 kids (1 of which is newly married and in the Army – other is working 3 jobs to pay for his aviation mechanical and powerplant degree). Heck, I am working 2 jobs right now to pay for the expensive preps I couldn’t afford with my normal job. These jack-holes that think that they are entitled to anything I have earned makes me want to donate a .22 round to their forehead.