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freedom,hope springs eternal as they say, but the reality is that nobody will lose their job let alone go to jail over the IRS scandal, or any of the other scandals….Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and so forth. Holder’s replacement Lynch will just be another step downward in the ethics of that office, and she will pronounce no laws have been broken. The general public is barely aware of these issues. I find myself wishing there was a major news network that focused on real issues and ignored the fluff. This morning when I was running errands I had Fox News on the radio and they were talking about the perceived color of some dress. CNN was covering the same story.

Another hard reality is that the only chance of a Republican winning the Presidency in 2016 is if he/she is a moderate centrist. The demographics aren’t there for a true conservative to win. At this point the majority are unhappy with O, but that will not translate into not voting for Hillary.