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thanks for the information whirlibird ,
in my part of the world hurricanes do not happen (thank god) earthquakes the same ,
only small ones 3.2 on the Richter scale is the biggest that i can recall , Can someone enter my basement and loot my supplies ? yes if they bust down the front door and walk over my dead corpse they can butt from the outside no the only exit and entrance is in the kitchen ,in the basement self there is a smal window (skylight) that can be opened for ventilation there are metal bars in-front of it ,
moisture aint so bad surprisingly i live in the highest part of the country way above sea level ,(one of the reasons i moved here) 1953 there was a verry bad flooding in holland when the dyke’s give way ….
the only risk of flooding is when the rivers are growing too big by rainfall or melting snow ……

if i got some time i will shoot some pictures and post them …..

greetings .