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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>MountainBiker wrote:</div>If it came down to it and the choice was a FEMA camp without guns or Canada without guns, I’ll go with Canada. I can be there in a couple hours. My first choice however is to stay right where I am.

If you had a warrant for Camp Obama and you tried to escape the US …. they would arrest you at the border. super surveillance. I haven’t had any problem with Niagara Falls to Canada but anything from the St Lawrence on in Northern Ny to 87 is very policed and sometimes unpleasant. Just heavy traffic I suppose going to Montreal and Toronto. When stopped in Canada you don’t have any right to refuse a search. I have one of those 4 ID licences (enhanced) and what a crock they are. The last time the “american border guard” treated me like I was an iraqi trying to smuggle myself and family into the US. But I deserved it. I smiled. It made him suspicious of me. He could have pulled me out of the vehicle and planted my face on the pavement for that. Always try to join the longest line. LoL