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I am fortunate that I don’t have to fly anymore but for those here that do, a lesson I learned via a couple of my siblings on 9/11 is to act quickly on getting a car rental if you are suddenly stranded. Also have your meds with you. One of my brothers flew out of Baltimore on 9/11 heading to Nevada for a business meeting with the plan being he’d fly home that evening. He wasn’t prepared to stay over. When they ordered all planes to land, he put down in Denver and literally got the last rental car available at the airport and then scrambled to find a hotel room that also were suddenly in short supply. He has an A-Fib problem that requires medication and he had to scramble to get his prescription faxed to him and then it was an hours long search to find a pharmacy that could fill it, it not being a common medication. If the flight ban was any longer he was going to drive back to MD with the rental. My sister happened to be in Denver too for a work conference and found herself stranded without a rental and no way of getting back home to OH until flights resumed and she could get a seat. Their stories were repeated hundreds of thousands of times over, if not more, all across the country with people stranded where they were.