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Dear All
A small ranting on the status in Europe.
Weapons posession is heavily restricted. Self defense is not an option. Posession is mostly based on sporting and hunting needs. Hunting is expensive as its not a basic right as Hunter you have a lot of dutys and have to pay a lot for hunting permits on yearly bases. Owning weapons for Sports is even more complicated but probably cheaper – you need membership in a shooting club and sometimes waiting times are imposed (in hungary its 1 year in a shoting club before you can apply for a sport weapon).In some countries you have to go shooting regularly (i heard in Germany 18 times a year). And dont forget you have to go regularly to health and mental checks in some countries yearly. Again it cost some money. Any carry (open or consealed) is forbidden in most of Europe -EU or not – for that you need a special permit – obtainig that in most of Europe is very tricky – you need to prove that your live is in grave danger.
So what are the possibilitys – Bows and Crossbows allowed in most EU countrys – ok UK and Holland are exeptions – but in most contries you can buy it without any control. (In some you need a weapon permit ond/or a sport club membership – take a look on local laws – and what is the law in neighboring countrys).
Second option black powder weapons – in many EU countries its possible to buy muzzle loaders and replicas thereoff – if you are over 18. But keep in mind many countries disallow or regulate the purchase of gun and black powder. But they are ways arround it.
Never forget that in Europe has many countries and many exception to strict central EU laws and countries on the verge of the EU have different interpretations.

Other possibilitys – Tear Gas Pistols and revolvers
Obtainable in many EU countries without permits needed.
And with a correct permit can be carried concealed – I know its wimpy – lousy repleacement but there are workarrounds.
In Romania and i think Poland sells traumatic gas pistols with rubber ball loads. between 10 and 200 joule hitting power. In Hungary and Czech Rep. there are muzzle loaders with rubber balls. And in Hungary i have seen an set up with a traumatic shooter adapter on gas guns.

Of course you can use tear gas in cans and electric shockers but even that is not everywhere allowed – like UK and i think Holland – so if you live in those countrys you must rely on cricket and tennis rackets – sorry no offense but if you read this kind of stuff its probably better you move to somewhere else.

Now to the guys who said swords – in most of europe running arround with a blade longer then 8,5 cm thats 3,34 inches in imperial measures is disallowed as this is mainly not enough to kill in one blow. Still a blade is better then nothing. To be honest the solution i found is II. W.W. walking cane with a consealed blade inside. – Its highly illegal as it counts as concealed weapon but if you have not seen one you will never suspect its a weapon. Very similar ones are sold by cold steel in the U.S.

Of course none of these above can be taken to a plane. You will be prosecuted. And never ever tell anyone – in most of Europe People see something that looks like a weapon they will panic and call the police and again you will prosecuted.

For those who are interested – go to shooting ranges – get training – go to shooter/blackpowder clubs – get info – look arround what are the possibilitys in neighboring countries – mostly after a year to five you be counted as resident and can have the same rights.(My tips are Czeh Rep. and Serbia)

Keep Care – sorry for the long rant – Below some links -they are unfortunatly in Hungarian