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Thanks for the feedback. I definitely make sure that whatever I buy is stuff that I use. Especially canned or short term shelf-life stuff (1-5 yrs shelf-life type stuff). However, like 74 and MB stated, I think it would be smart to keep some long term shelf life stuff stocked up as well. Such as the rice, wheat berries, beans as well as freeze dried & dehydrated foods. We do eat all of that now and then, but it isn’t part of our daily diet now. But having it for post SHTF when our bodies will really need the calories will be a good thing.

Canning my own food is one of my next steps along with expanding how much of my own vegetables I grow instead of buy. My family kept a garden and my mom canned when I was a kid and it is something I have been working towards for a few years now.

This past year I got into bow hunting (deer) and got my oldest into it as well, so looking forward to being able to can some venison as well.