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namelus, I bought a bunch of the Tattler lids last year but haven’t used any yet.

freedom, I have bought regular lids in bulk from Lehman’s. If you don’t get their non-electric catalog you should. Lots of good stuff. I have a sister in Ohio and have told her if I come visit I want to go to Lehman’s. For me it would be a Prepper’s Disneyworld.


When it comes to canning, now is the time to buy jars and lids. Lots and lots of them. If you only have a couple dozen, how far will that go in feeding you all winter? Sometimes you can find someone looking to get rid of theirs because they gave up gardening. I got about 300 that way a couple years ago when a neighbor was cleaning out the dad’s house after he passed. It took me a whole weekend to clean them but it was worth it. When I give away stuff I’ve canned, I tell people to return the jars when they’re done. If they don’t I don’t give them anything any more.